Simplified Chinese Translations


根本基督教义 神论Essential Christianity Historic Christian Systematic Theology (unfinished) Theology

平衡-領導人兩方面的平衡-簡-Balancing Two Major Dimensions of Leadership Simplified Chinese.pdf

教会領导人品格行为与行政管理 Church Leadership and Administration: Balancing Two Dimensions of Leadership PPT  (S)


教会-蒙召为圣-The Church Called to Be Holy Simplified Chinese.pdf

培養你的基督徒生活-Cultivate Your Christian Life Remember Your Creator in the Days of Your Youth Ecclesiastes 12.1a-1.pdf

课程发展与教课規劃 給教师和教师的教师 Curriculum Development and Lesson Planning for Teachers and for Teachers of Teachers (S)

簡化解創新的恐懼-促進教会改變-Defusing Fear of Innovation Simplified Chinese.pdf

創新-微軟幻灯-簡-Defusing Fear of Innovation PPT Simplified Chinese.pptx

順服的操练 你多麼爱神 The Discipline of Obedience How Much Do You Love the Lord

基督教义的根基 Essential Christianity–Historic Christian Systematic Theology  (Unfinished: To Be Continued Version 3).pdf

教会事工上的评估-Evaluation in Church Ministry Simplified Chinese.pdf

神的预定和拣选如何与人的自由意志兼容?How Does God’s Predestination and Election Fit with Human Free Will-1.pdf

如何做个関怀的基督徒朋友How to Be a Caring Christian Friend-1.pdf

創新-微軟幻灯-簡-Innovation ppt Simplified Chinese.pptx

灵命操练中的喜乐 Joys in Spiritual Discipline (1)

華人教会領袖培訓課程Possible Subjects for Church Leaders in China-1.pdf

Possible Subjects for Church Leaders in China English Version.2pdf

識別认知、情感、行為的目標-Distinction Among the Three Types of Objectives Simplified Chinese.pdf

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